Hot-rolled steel plates are a type of flat rolled metal obtained by transverse cutting of hot-rolled coils after rolling them on semi-continuous or continuous mills. Similar to rolled products, steel plates are used in construction, engineering, the automotive industry and to make consumer goods.

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Application hot-rolled sheets

Hot-rolled plate metal is used to manufacture steel structures, profiles, facade elements, door panels and openings, communication protection elements and consumer goods. The key requirements of this segment for HRP are minimum tolerances on dimensions, weldability, high strength and toughness, as well as crack resistance. Cold-rolled steel has begun to be substituted with less expensive, thin hot-rolled steel in the construction segment. High-strength rolled steel is used to reduce product weight.

For this application, HRP steel is made of carbon, low-alloy and alloy steel grades. The HRP is supplied in a hot-rolled state after normalised rolling or thermomechanical rolling.


Hot-rolled steel plates for machine building

Hot-rolled steel plate is also widely used to manufacture casings, working elements of machine tools, mining, road and handling machines, car and truck bodies, sheathing elements for trucks and tanks, as well as to manufacture agricultural machinery elements (ploughs, blades, harrows, seeder parts and agricultural machinery casings).

The HRP is mainly supplied in a hot-rolled state, however, various types of thermomechanically hardened rolled products are being used with increasing frequency to reduce the weight of mechanisms and equipment and, accordingly, increase their lifting capacity and operational efficiency. For certain applications, HRP with pickling and oiling is in demand.


Hot-rolled steel plates for service metal centres

Metal service centres use HRP to manufacture steel structures, parts and components, the final consumers of which are the machine-building industry, shipbuilders, wind-generating enterprises, boiler equipment manufacturers, etc. Steel plate is supplied in a hot-rolled state after normalised rolling or thermomechanical rolling (including pickled and pickled with oiling).


Hot-rolled plates (HRP) are used in various industries, each of which presents its own requirements for the quality of finished products, combined into corresponding groups of standards. The main standards for technical specifications that apply to HRP production are:

  • European standards: EN 10025, EN 10028, EN 10111, EN 10149, DIN 17100, EN 10083, EN 10120

  • Ukraine and CIS standards: DSTU EN 10025, DSTU 2834/ GOST 16523, GOST 14637,GOST 1577, DSTU 7808/ GOST 4041, GOST 17066, DSTU 8541/ GOST 19281, GOST 8568, GOST 5521

  • US standards: ASTM A36/A36M, ASTM A1011/A1011M, ASTM A568, American Petroleum Institute (API) standards, etc


Buy hot-rolled plates from the manufacturer

Metinvest enterprises produce hot-rolled plates in accordance with the requirements of international standards and customer specifications. Plates are supplied both as hot-rolled and with special in-line treatment (including controlled rolling, thermomechanical rolling and normalised rolling). Customers can purchase HRP through the Group’s global sales network of 38 sales offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America, as well as 16 metal service centres in Ukraine and authorised dealers.

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