Metinvest is an international, vertically integrated mining and metals company. The Group comprises mining and metallurgical assets in Ukraine, Europe and the US, complemented by a global sales network. Metinvest manages the complete production chain, from extracting iron ore and coal to manufacturing semi-finished and finished steel products. With assets close to key railway lines and ports, Metinvest can supply raw materials and steel products anywhere in the world.

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Metinvest B.V. is the holding company of Metinvest Group (the Netherlands, registration number: 24321697). Its office is at Gustav Mahlerplein 74 B, 1082MA Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Metinvest Group’s major shareholders are SCM Group and Smart Holding, which manage Metinvest on a partnership basis.


Metinvest includes both iron ore and coal producers. This ensures stable capacity utilisation and a presence in foreign markets.

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29 MT

Iron ore concentrate production in 2018
3 MT

Coal concentrate production in 2018


Our operations in Ukraine, Italy, Bulgaria and the UK manufacture coke products, iron, semi-finished steel products, sections and flat products.

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7.6 MT

Steel produced in 2019
5.6 MT

Finished products manufactured in 2019


Metinvest’s network of sales offices and service centres covers more than 80 countries and provides more than 10,000 customers with high-quality products and services.

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countries in Metinvest’s sales network

worldwide offices

Logistics and procurement

Metinvest is developing a supply management system that provides feedstock, materials and equipment for capacity utilisation and delivers steel products to customers. Our in-house shipping function provides delivering products over the world.


Service and engineering

Metinvest has independent service and engineering operations with qualified specialists and state-of-the-art technology. We develop and implement investment projects, repair and maintain equipment. Specialised business development helps to reduce costs, make efficient use of resources, and improve product quality.


Corporate governance

Metinvest is developing a corporate governance system that contributes to the fair distribution of performance results among all shareholders and other concerned parties


Metinvest effectively manages production and business processes for the sustainable development of the Group