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New participants in Metinvest’s tenders and electronic trading are required to undergo a prequalification procedure in the corresponding area, category or group of materials, works or services. Prequalified suppliers will receive notices of new purchases and invitations to participate in competitive procurement.

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    To self-register on the website, please:

    • complete an online questionnaire
    • upload documents
    • select the procurement category for qualification
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    We analyse supplier capacities by:

    • reviewing the documents submitted by the supplier
    • assessing the supplier’s technical, financial and organisational capacities
    • analysing the supplier’s risks
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    The prequalification decision includes:

    • determining whether the supplier is qualified
    • notifying the supplier of our decision


Metinvest selects suppliers competitively by evaluating offers for compliance with the specified procurement parameters

Online trading

The electronic trading system is part of the electronic procurement solution. It allows for rapid and high-quality online information exchange with bidders

Cooperation principles

One of Metinvest’s strategic goals is to maintain a competitive advantage in steelmaking. Centralising procurement activities and introducing common procurement standards greatly contribute to this.

Manging these functions is the responsibility of the Logistics and Procurement Directorate, which procures over 80% of the Group’s materials, equipment and services centrally.

Metinvest’s procurement strategy focuses primarily on fostering a healthy competitive environment. Our initiatives aim to continuously increase the number of participants in our tender procedures to search for the most reliable suppliers and build long-term partnerships.



Disqualification criteria

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